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60 Mins






It is imperative that everyone maximises the time they spend exercising to help guarantee optimal results from the commitment put into achieving each calculated goal. In order for this to be effectively accomplished every training session has to present a measurable, progressive physical challenge in respect of the undertaken cardiovascular or resistance-based exercises.

Twinned with completing relatively unchallenging sessions most also fail in their fitness attempts by not adhering to a weekly, monthly or even quarterly training structure in regards to exercise selection and programme length. Unsurprisingly most who fall into this category are also more likely to overlook the importance of regularly monitoring their bodies adaptation to training, in respect of performance results and physical changes.


  • 15 mins warm up
  • 20 mins muscle focus
  • 20 mins cardio
  • 15 mins cool down
  • 20 mins core focus
  • Evaluation

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  • Agua
  • Toalla
  • Zapatillas de deporte
  • Ropa extra


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Free 7 days the gym access, plus access to swimming pool and other facilities. Get 30% off when you’re siginging within 10 days of your trial. Be Strong and stay fit wit us!

Estamos justo al lado de la A5, en la calle Dehesa Mari-Martín, 37 de Navalcarnero. En la salida 27 de la A5, Zona industrial Aparrache II. Contamos con un parking gratuito de más de 100 plazas.

C. Dehesa de Mari-Martín, 37
28600 – Navalcarnero

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