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In every cardio games session our fun and unique challenges are always guaranteed to provide you with an effective full body workout.

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    Pure Strength

    It is imperative that everyone maximises the time they spend exercising to help guarantee optimal results from the commitment.

    The Challenge

    It is from this evaluative process that we can truly action our philosophy to nurture every person’s current ability whilst guiding them towards.

    Our Mission

    Our purpose is to pass on empowering knowledge and training guidance in order to have a positive impact on the health and fitness.

    Estamos justo al lado de la A5, en la calle Dehesa Mari-Martín, 37 de Navalcarnero. En la salida 27 de la A5, Zona industrial Aparrache II. Contamos con un parking gratuito de más de 100 plazas.

    C. Dehesa de Mari-Martín, 37
    28600 – Navalcarnero

    91 437 52 50630 405